Artist AnaRosa

the divine feminine


Art! Who comprehends her? With whom can one consult concerning this great goddess? 

- Ludwig van Beethoven

I have always been drawn to images of the empowered feminine from the enchanting women of the Victorian painters to the flirty Pin Up Girls of the 20th century. Now more than ever I am inviting that effervescent and sensual Goddess energy back into my artwork. Through the years I have produced countless figurative images (both female and male), which for me has always been more about conveying an emotional aspect rather than anatomical correctness. The freedom to move my paint brush (and my fingers, too) set to the natural manifestation of emotions has always felt most authentic for me. I rely on my own intuition when applying the hues that will define the painting’s mood or emotion, elemental force or theme. Movement and color are essential in order for me to carry out the Goddess energy. 

I have been a working Artist since 2001. Through the years I have allowed myself the freedom to curiously explore new aspects of my craft, subjects, style and techniques. With time our basic existence continues to grow and expand because experience and change is constantly in motion. The same applies to my art life. My artwork is a true reflection of me and where I am in my life. I love painting faces -- both human and animal! I am known for painting Pin Up Girls, Mermaids and Pop Art but right now a new chapter is opening up like a lotus flower. I am more alive in my artwork than ever -- I am painting the Goddesses as my own Goddess energy is rising up and making her own magic. This is an entirely new adventure in my art path. 

- AnaRosa / October 2019